Tailor-made Product & Packaging Designs

Creative Support


Our in-house design department is your instant source for all your creative needs. Products and packaging

are promptly customized to your individual requirements.


Packaging Design

We design packaging solutions that perfectly showcase your product's features and qualities. We also provide expert advise in selecting the most suitable materials and styles.

We take special care to use the correct mandatory labelling, such as warning labels, signs or text.

Handmade prototypes and detailed 3D models show what a product would look like on the store shelf. 

Product Design

We bring ideas to life by designing products that are tailored to your specific requirements.

This includes customizing and modifying existing designs as well as developing exclusive product designs and features.

Our design team instantly transforms 2D drawings, sketches and photos into detailed 3D models, using the best CAD and graphics software available.

Cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing, allow us to detect form, fit and design issues early in the design process.


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