Quality Control

Pre-Shipment Inspections throughout Asia

Measurable Quality

In order to guarantee an objective measurement of quality, we inspect finished goods before

shipment according to Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL).

This statistical tool determines the sample size of a random product inspection and the maximum number

of product defects that is allowed.

We take great pride in our well trained quality inspection team, who will ensure the quality of your product

before each shipment.


Product Quality

Besides checking the overall appearance and workmanship, we also perform function and durability tests to ensure that the products fulfill your specified requirements.


Packaging & Design

Measurements, colors, quantities, product assortment and packaging marks (such as barcodes and shipping marks) are carefully inspected. 


Legal Requirements

Our inspectors ensure that product labelling, packaging labelling, and necessary order documentation are correct.

Customer's Perspective

Through constant communication we understand the special details that have to be taken into account and perform inspections from a customer's perspective.

If quality issues arise, our inspectors report immediately for further evaluation and trouble shooting.

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