Our story

Neon Orient was started in 2000 when Sven and Sönke Carstensen brainstorm for potential business opportunities in Asia and Europe. Sven Carstensen went ahead and established Hong Kong-based Neon Orient, Inc. as an Asian procurement company. Since then, we are growing every year at a rapid pace. Today we have our offices in 7 different countries, and we are shipping to more than 40 countries with more than 3000 shipments per year. With our offices in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Sydney, Shanghai, Oslo, New York and Bangkok, we are constantly looking to expand our offices to other countries. This is simply because Neon Orient offers excellent quality products, procurement, and logistics solutions tailored exactly to meet individual customer needs.


With a new idea into a new millenium


The Speed of Milestone Achievements accelerates


The future: grow with us!

Looking ahead: As the success of our customer-friendly business model is being encountered and embraced by an ever-expanding client base, an optimistic outlook presents itself for Neon Orient, Inc. and our group of companies. 

Let us discuss how we may optimise your Asian sourcing processes.


Sven Carstensen

Managing director
Hong kong

As Managing Director, the 30-year veteran in the Far East Trade oversees the marketing and sales activities of all Neon Orient offices. Sven has worked in China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand

Ralf Zielinski

Managing Director
bangkok - thailand

With more than 30 years of experience in the Asian market, the Managing Director ensures hassle-free order processing and oversees all quality control affairs. He is known for his hands-on approach.

Max Auer

Managing Director
shanghai - china
The Managing Director of Neon Orient’s China operations has been living and working in Greater China for 30 years. His profound understanding of Chinese business and culture combined with his Chinese language skills make him an effective communicator and crisis manager.

Hanny Wibowo

office manager
Jakarta - indonesia

Hanny has over 25 years of experience in the stationery business, especially in paper items. She has extensive product and market knowledge which she gained as General Manager for a leading stationery manufacturer.

Stephen Gates

managing director
Sydney - Australia

Stephen has over 20 years of experience in the Australian and New Zealand Stationery and Paper markets.
Stephen is focused on effective channel management, developing key relationships with our channel partners and ensuring both organizations objectives are aligned, especially focusing around private label strategies.

Mark Griffiths

GSS director
Sydney - Australia
Mark has over 20 years’ experience in the Australian Stationery market. He has led the design, development and sourcing of branded and private label products for the commercial, home and education markets. Mark’s full-circle expertise in both Australian consumer behaviour, combined with product development and Asian sourcing processes, makes him your savvy strategy advisor.

Brian Brown

sales director
Sydney - Australia

Brian has over 30 years’ experience in the Australian and New Zealand Stationery and Office products industry.
He managed many large sales and marketing teams in B2C and B2B before working in a General Management role for a leading Australian and International Stationery and Office products corporation.

Joshua Holliday

Country Manager
Auckland - NZ

Joshua has over ten years of experience in both the NZ and Australian Education and Office Products markets, dealing on both the international and local wholesale and retail levels. He has also been involved in private label product ranges and global tenders while working closely with manufacturers and international partners.

Øivind Ødegaard

Managing Director Nordic
Oslo - Norway
Øivind has extensive experience of brand/alliance building, chain operations and business development. For the past 20 years, Øivind has been CEO of leading companies in the Nordic region trading in stationery, office and computer supplies as well as consumer electronics, packaging, hygiene and cleaning products.

Chris Nolette

Country Manager
New York city - U.S.

Chris has 25 years of experience in consumer goods primarily in fine arts and outdoor leisure in the United States market. He has a diverse background in purchasing, sales, logistics, and retail operations. He possesses a vast knowledge in global sourcing specializing in private label strategies for innovative products.